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LEGO Dabs! Awesomeness!

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Poor Don Glover.





Week 18: String Cheese Incident from December 31st, 1999 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

Happy December everyone!! For those of you who have some New Year’s Eve plans they are only a few weeks away and so here is a String Cheese show from several years past!

I am headed to the first night of Phish then flying out to catch Cheese in their home state which is set to be an epic experience. In honor of that I found this wonderful show to get me excited. This show offers some great tunes like Jellyfish, an 18-minute 'Round the Wheel, the Beatles suite from Abbey RoadSun King -> Mean Mr. Mustard -> Polythene Pam -> She Came in Through the Bathroom Window -> Golden Slumbers -> Carry That Weight -> The End, and other gems, plus a special 29-minute Ritual Jam w/ Lester Poem.

So as we all sit around “waiting for the snow to fall and cover us all” you can enjoy some wonderful music!

Enjoy the Good Times Around the Bend from this New Year’s extravaganza!

**To download this week’s show please follow one of the following links:

Mediafire (You will have to download each song individually, unless you are a Mediafire subscriber): Download Week 18!

Dropbox (You can EITHER Right-Click on this week’s folder and choose Download, OR Select-All-Files within the folder and Select Download on the top bar): Download Week 18!

Archieve.org (Follow this link for a direct .zip download): Download Week 18!

(Follow this link to stream): Stream Week 18!

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